Sugar In Smoothies

When you find a new smoothie recipe, you should first check if there is any added sugar or sweet ingredients in it. Sugar sometimes hides in places we would mistakenly consider to be healthy – muesli, yoghurts, juices… If you are not paying attention to your ingredients, your smoothie can end up containing as much sugar as two Coca-Cola cans!

So keep in mind to always avoid smoothies with any kind of added sugars. If the recipe you are using asks for adding juice, always add freshly pressed one and avoid the one you can find in a supermarket! Store-bought fruit juices are always packed with plenty of sugar so adding them to your smoothie is no benefit at all.

Remember: Fruit juices found in supermarkets are just sugary water with added flavor, which is certainly not doing any good to your body.

The following list contains a few smoothie ingredients you should never add to your smoothie:

  • ice cream or sherbet
  • sugar or agave nectar
  • any kind of chocolate syrup or powder, such as Nestlé
  • store-bought honey
  • non-organic peanut butter with added sugar
  • low quality protein powders
  • whip cream
  • chocolate or any other pudding mix

Fruits already contain enough sugars so there is absolutely no need for adding additional sugar to your smoothie.

Do not forget to add some vegetables to your smoothie to compensate for all the sugar in your fruits. However, if you are preparing a green smoothie and want to improve the taste, you should opt for berries or non-dairy milk rather than adding sugar. Contrary to what we can read in many articles, avoid adding dates, honey or maple syrup to your smoothies.

You should also include spinach, kale or chia seeds in order to add fiber, which will slow down the sugar digestion. This will keep your insulin levels from spiking and help your body digest your smoothie.

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